About Us

Loci is a company founded to change the way we all invent and the value of an idea as a whole.  We specialize in facilitating the patent search process and utilizing technology to further understand the landscape of ideas.

Our primary product is InnVenn, which is a visual searching system of patents designed to simplify the process of identifying patents and more importantly, ideas that have not been patented yet.  We are constantly expanding the capability and breadth of this tool and hope to revolutionize the patent searching process.

Our main passion is TechMap, which is an interactive, user-modifiable, 3D map of technologies, inventions, patents, ideas, and concepts. We scrape the web for patents, technical papers, products, and ideas, then backfill with active user’s queries and recognition of “whitespace”. We can then populate a unique-to-user map.

The Product

The inventing process is broken. It’s so convoluted and fraught with expense that it inherently stifles progress. Many inventors are forced to go straight to market, or never follow through. InnVenn exists to change that. Our vision is to make the process so easy and efficient that it spawns new invention, innovation, and a newly found inspiration to come up with the next big thing. InnVenn offers a superior comprehensiveness to existing patent searching applications, and services. Anyone, from patent attorneys to inventors and even corporate analysts need the ability to quickly and comprehensively search the intellectual property landscape and that is why InnVenn exists.

The Market

Those working in industries where understanding the landscape of intellectual property is crucial are Loci’s main demographic. This includes IP attorneys, enterprise IP managers, business and market strategists, investors, inventors, patent researchers, and patent offices or databases. Loci offers a superior comprehensiveness to existing patent searching applications, and services. Patent attorneys need to offer the highest quality understanding of the intellectual property landscape possible. We offer our services and technology to patent firms, who’s data is supported in real time by individual inventors and researchers. Corporate analysts use this real time innovation data to better strategize, and invest.

The Competition

Loci is entering an antiquated yet crowded space with a whole new approach. Existing patent search technologies are rooted in traditional Boolean search techniques. Loci changes the way we search. Using our proprietary contextual searching platform, users can find ideas and inventions they never could have before with existing categorizations. Additionally we allow users to modify the map, repositioning ideas. Users can search in our proprietary contextual search and generate unique maps to them. This creates the ability to discover inventions or  applications of technology in seemingly disparate industries. With existing systems, analysis of scale, application, market, or shape would not be possible. Loci also has created the ability for users to modify the map. This tells the system that its in the wrong place and it must recalculate.

The Patent

Loci’s TechMap is based upon a number of innovations born out of it’s patent, which covers applications of these very technologies in other fields, such as law, competitive intelligence,   investment management, curation, patent clearance, legal discovery, big data analysis, decision making, product design, and intelligence. The patent can be found at: System and method for fuzzy concept mapping, voting ontology crowd sourcing, and technology prediction.

Core Technology

The system provides non-technical consumers and casual users a visual, interactive framework that facilitates exploration of technologies without the need for exact search terms or syntax, greatly reducing the time to analyze relationships between data points.

How It Works

InnVenn is a result set visualization tuned to the actual needs of the professional searcher. In its basic form it simply shows what might be a relevant addition to a prior art list by using key words, and speeding that effort. It is then to be aimed at how a legal team reviews and plans actions based upon documents found.

What They Say

“Loci’s InnVenn search tool has completely changed the way I conduct patentability searches.  The Venn diagram visualization gives me an immediate sense of the relevancy of each search term, the size of the search results, and available white space.  In addition, the recommended key terms allow me to contextually refine my search queries and more quickly uncover relevant prior art.  Most mportantly, the tool gives me a greater degree of confidence in the relevancy of the search results.” (Joseph Andelin Fish & Tsang)

Core Technology

TechMap™ is search-based discovery software that gathers technology concepts and provides predictive analytics on future values of intellectual property. Results are displayed in three dimensional maps where the interface provides fly-through navigation functionality.

How It Works

A keyword meta-query based search framework supports the interface. The searcher queries into and then progresses from general context to granular descriptions of ideas. Facets provide context for exploration by different relationships, guiding casual users to discover adjacent possibilities.

How Valuation Works

Commercial values of concepts are forecast by predictive analysis modeling based upon machine learning and crowd sourcing. To form a basis for estimating values, TechMap estimates when, and how long a technology will be available based upon evidence. "Precedence" and "resemblance" relationships formed between competitive technologies/products generate time based associative maps. "Satisfaction" relationships between technologies and technical applications / needs impute value of satisfied requirements to the technologies.

The Team

John Wise


John brings a very diverse background to the Loci team. For more than 15 years he worked as a mechanic, crew chief, data engineer, and team manager for some of the top teams in American racing. He has won several championships during his tenure.

Brian Hwang

Director of Operations

Brian is an alumnus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a dual B.S. degrees in Finance and Accountancy. He has worked at large companies like Johnson & Johnson, GE Capital, and Ernst & Young as well as managing small business startups. He brings expertise in strategic partnerships, business development, and operations to the team.

Eric Ross

Director of Technology

Eric was a developer for more than 10 years before moving into management and now specializes in managing technical people and projects. He has a B.S. in applied physics/computers from Grove City College. He brings a technical mindset for implementation to the table and is key to our ability to execute the vision of the company.

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