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There are a limited number of tokens available for the second round.
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Token Sale Rounds

Hard Cap: $19M; 50M LOCIcoin

Exclusive First Round**

Dates: 12/6 to 12/8 (UTC time)*
Base Rate: $2.50
Net Price: $0.33

Second Round

Dates: 12/8 to 12/15
Base Rate: $2.50
Net Price: $0.44

Third Round

Dates: 12/15 to 12/22
Base Rate: $2.50
Net Price: $0.57

Final Round

Dates: 12/22 to 12/31
Base Rate: $2.50
Net Price: $0.75

* All dates are UTC/GMT time.
** Only those who pre-registered in the whitelist can participate in this round.
*** Rounds 2-4 will have equal caps. If the cap for a round is hit before its scheduled end, the token sale will move on to the next round immediately.

Discover, stake ownership, and sell your IP on the blockchain integrated IP asset exchange


Browse the world of patents with a powerful search tool that visually shows the true context of what you are looking for.


Understand where your idea stands and how to pivot to uniquely fit in the current IP landscape.


Claim immutable proof of ownership of your idea on the Ethereum based blockchain.


Skip the expensive and risky patent process with a much quicker alternative to monetize on your idea.

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Token Sale FAQ's

All your Token Sale related questions, in one place. Feel free to reach out to our team with additional questions.

LOCIcoin is Loci’s native utilitarian token. These tokens can be used to gain full access to Loci’s products and services. LOCIcoin is an integral asset to the InnVenn platform. Its utility includes staking inventions on the blockchain and as the sole medium for exchange for the buying and selling of IP on the platform.

The Token Sale is from December 6-31. The Token Sale will be scheduled with four rounds (each round starts at 0:00 UTC). The exclusive round one is December 6-8, second round is December 8-15, third round is December 15-12, and the final round is December 22-31.

Only those who pre-register on the whitelist before the token sale begins can participate in this round.

The net price of LOCIcoin varies per each round of the token sale. The net prices are $0.33, $0.44, $0.57, and $0.75 respectively for the four rounds. The 3 day moving average of ETH before the token sale will be used to calculate the ETH o LOCIcoin ratio.

The minimum contribution amount for the first round is 1 ETH. For the later rounds, the minimum contribution will be 0.1 ETH.

There is no maximum in any of the rounds.

LOCIcoin will be available on exchanges after the token sale is complete. Loci can not comment on when exactly and where. Loci will provide the community updates on exchanges as information becomes available.

The contributions are used for many purposes including development, marketing, and operations. Loci also plans on growth with inventors and strategic partners internationally including law firms and entrepreneurship organizations. Loci also plans on spending significant capital on international lobbying for patent process reforms if enough funds are available.

Sign up for the Token Sale by registering on Loci website. In the registration you will need to specify which Ethereum based wallet you will be contributing Ether from. As long as it is an ERC20 compatible wallet like MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, your contribution wallet address is  where you will receive your LOCIcoin upon distribution after the token sale. DO NOT send from exchange wallets like Coinbase, Kraken, or Bittrex. Also, do not send from Jaxx or multi-signature wallets.

No. Purchasing LOCIcoin does not mean that you have purchased stock, equity, or any other kind of ownership in Loci.

All unsold tokens will be frozen for a total 4 year period. 25% of the unsold tokens will be available every year for the purpose of growing the ecosystem.

50% (50M) of the total supply of tokens are allocated to launch supporters including the presale and token sale.

The foundation is allocated 34% of the total token supply. The tokens held by the Foundation are mainly for the purchase or licensing of IP from inventors on the InnVenn platform. The Foundation packages the IP to sell to purchasing partners which can only be purchased with LOCIcoin. The Foundation must have a supply of LOCIcoin tokens to keep the network flowing in this model and have the value of the tokens be driven by the underlying IP. Periodically the foundation will airdrop excess tokens to reward platform users.

The hard cap for the token sale is $19M.

Join Loci’s Telegram group. You may also message the team directly by using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner of our website.

Say hello to the team behind Loci.

John Wise


John brings a very diverse background to the Loci team. For more than 15 years he worked as a mechanic, crew chief, data engineer, and team manager for some of the top teams in American racing. He witnessed hundreds of racing innovations and saw how difficult the patent process was first hand. He won several championships during his tenure. John has extensive experience working with some of the largest patent holders in the industry as well as expertise in aerodynamic engineering and data analysis.

Brian Hwang

Director of Operations

Brian brings a purpose-driven leadership to the team and is a huge advocate of the company’s mission to empower inventors and innovators. Brian has a diverse experience and expertise in the areas of strategic partnerships, business development, and operations to the team. He is an alumnus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with dual B.S. degrees in Finance and Accountancy. He has worked in a wide range of large companies and industries including Johnson & Johnson, GE Capital, and Ernst & Young. He also oversaw the development and growth of small businesses and startups.

Eric Ross

Director of Technology

Eric was a software developer for more than 10 years and worked for a wide variety of companies and utilizing various technologies as a consultant. He then moved into management and now specializes in managing technical people and projects, although he cannot help but continue to code. He has a B.S. in applied physics/computers from Grove City College. He brings considerable experience with development and a technical mindset for implementation to the table and is key to our ability to execute the vision of the company.

Meet the Rest of the Team Behind Loci
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