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Loci’s Mission

 Loci was founded with one goal, to change the way we all invent and the value of an idea as a whole.  We specialize in simplifying the patent search process and utilizing unique visualizations to further understand the landscape of ideas.

 InnVenn, a visual searching tool for patents, was designed to simplify the process of identifying patents and more importantly, ideas that have not been patented yet.  We are constantly expanding the capability and breadth of this tool and intend to revolutionize the patent searching process.

"Loci is helping my company reimagine our intellectual property strategy and enables us to move quickly in a fast-paced world."

Elliot Roth, Founder & CEO at Spira

   The Product

The inventing process is broken. It’s so convoluted and fraught with expense that it inherently stifles progress. Many inventors are forced to go straight to market, or never follow through. InnVenn exists to change that. Our vision is to make the process so easy and efficient that it spawns new invention, innovation, and a newly found inspiration to come up with the next big thing. InnVenn offers a superior comprehensiveness to existing patent searching applications, and services. Anyone, from patent attorneys to inventors and even corporate analysts need the ability to quickly and comprehensively search the intellectual property landscape and that is why InnVenn exists.

  The Market

Those working in industries where understanding the landscape of intellectual property is crucial are Loci’s main demographic. This includes IP attorneys, enterprise IP managers, business and market strategists, investors, inventors, patent researchers, and patent offices or databases. Loci offers a superior comprehensiveness to existing patent searching applications, and services. Patent attorneys need to offer the highest quality understanding of the intellectual property landscape possible. We offer our services and technology to patent firms, who’s data is supported in real time by individual inventors and researchers. Corporate analysts use this real time innovation data to better strategize, and invest.


 The Patent

Loci’s products are based upon a number of innovations born out of it’s first (of several) patent, which covers applications of these very technologies in other fields, such as law, competitive intelligence,   investment management, curation, patent clearance, legal discovery, big data analysis, decision making, product design, and intelligence. System and method for fuzzy concept mapping, voting ontology crowd sourcing, and technology prediction.

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John Wise


John brings a very diverse background to the Loci team. For more than 15 years he worked as a mechanic, crew chief, data engineer, and team manager for some of the top teams in American racing.  He witnessed hundreds of racing innovations and saw how difficult the patent process was first hand. He won several championships during his tenure.  John has extensive experience working with some of the largest patent holders in the industry as well as expertise in aerodynamic engineering and data analysis.

Brian Hwang

Director of Operations

Brian brings a purpose-driven leadership to the team and is a huge advocate of the company’s mission to empower inventors and innovators. Brian has a diverse experience and expertise in the areas of strategic partnerships, business development, and operations to the team. He is an alumnus of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with dual B.S. degrees in Finance and Accountancy. He has worked in a wide range of large companies and industries including Johnson & Johnson, GE Capital, and Ernst & Young. He also oversaw the development and growth of small businesses and startups.

Eric Ross

Director of Technology

Eric was a software developer for more than 10 years and worked for a wide variety of companies and utilizing various technologies as a consultant. He then moved into management and now specializes in managing technical people and projects, although he cannot help but continue to code. He has a B.S. in applied physics/computers from Grove City College. He brings considerable experience with development and a technical mindset for implementation to the table and is key to our ability to execute the vision of the company.

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