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What is a token?

A token is a utilitarian token; a currency only used within Loci. Similar to an Amazon gift card that can be purchased and then used solely on Amazon’s website, tokens sold for Loci, aka LOCIcoins, are used to purchase products and services on Loci’s website.

What is a Token Sale?

A Token Sale is used by startups to raise capital. An ICO campaign is in some ways similar to a crowdfunding campaign. Both are done to raise funds, but your Token Sale purchase gets you a new type of coin or token that can be used in the startups’ products, services, or ecosystem.

Who buys tokens?

People who would like to have access to a particular product or service the company selling the tokens offers. In the case of Loci, groups such as inventors and researchers will be purchasing tokens for the same reasons. As Loci’s portfolio of products and services grows, holders of tokens will have access to InnVenn and other products.

What can I buy with a token?

With the purchase of a token from Loci, or what we call the LOCIcoin, you can purchase any services or products offered by Loci. As Loci develops more products, services, and functionality of their existing products and platform, the value of your Locicoins increases.

Is the LOCIcoin the same thing as a Bitcoin? How is it different from the USD?

Though the LOCIcoin is a form of cryptocurrency just like a Bitcoin, the LOCIcoin is being sold through Ethereum which is a network backed by actual banks and countries. The LOCIcoin is not a fiat currency, which means that LOCIcoin cannot be affected by inflation like fiat currencies such as the US dollar.

When can I buy tokens for Loci (i.e. LOCIcoins)?

The Loci Token-Sale runs August 14th through August 31st.

How do I buy a token?

During the Pre-sale, fill out the SAFT contract and email to tokensale@loci.io.

In order to buy tokens, you must be verified as an accredited US investor or live outside of the United States.

How can I recieve or interact with LOCIcoins?

In order to hold and have LOCIcoins, you must have an Ethereum based token wallet such as MetaMask. MetaMask is a Chrome browser extension that allows access to the Ethereum network. We suggest you view the video on their website and the walkthrough to install from CryptoCompare, but it is a straighforward process. After creating your “den,” then you simply have to add the LOCI ticker for LOCIcoins to be able to add them to your wallet.

Once your wallet is set up for LOCIcoins, you then need to transfer the desired amount of Ether to the sale’s public key and that will lock in your LOCIcoins once the sale is finished and they will then appear in your wallet.

Does buying tokens mean I own stock in Loci?

No. Purchasing LOCIcoins does not mean that you have purchased stock, equity, or any other kind of ownership in Loci. When you purchase LOCIcoins, you have purchased currency that you can spend on Loci’s products and services.

What is an accredited investor?

The SEC defines accredited investors here in order to identify people who can bear the economic risk of investing in unregistered securities.

Read about Loci’s Token Sale in our whitepaper.